Calliano - New Targets for Antonio Sacco
Antonio Sacco, the "world champion" of pizza that manages La Rocca di Calliano, adds another title to his palmares is the first pizza Trentino with the license "Kamut Pizza"
"In search of an organic product and is not genetically modified, successfully tested a day old 5000 years ago, Egypt and 'come down to us without manipulation and' considered one of the most cereals' comprehensive in terms of nutrition.
Many offer a pizza with Kamut, but Antonio Sacco goes further:
"Experiencing a dough with flour and bring this kind of a quality 'constant and' tiring, being a durum wheat quality 'and especially' difficult lavoralo - he explains - but it was' worth it.
In order to use the Kamut flour I had to attend a course and get a diploma and a license, I am in Trentino are the first to have her 'cause Kamut grants it only to those who know it proves to use and uses the Kamut 100% pure without cut "

The dough of Antonio
traditional dough high quality long rising
dough bio 100% Kamut
dough bio Pizza young multigrain
dough bio canapa
impasto bio celiac

L'Adige - Saturday, October 9, 2010 - Gigi Zopplello
Il Pizzaiolo of Calliano won the "world" - The Calzone Antonio Sacco also beats the Pizza makers from Napoli
There are people who have a passion. Then there are those who manage to turn a passion into a job. Antonio Sacco and 'so': a man in love with the pizza, which has made it his profession but also the object of his research staff. Enough to win the "world championship"
And 'in fact held a few days ago at the World Championships at Nettuno near Rome "World Cup pizza - Pizza World Cup" organized by the European Union of restaurateurs and typical pizza
Participated more 'than 350 professional pizza makers from all over Italy and abroad, including Japan, Turkey and Portugal.
Antonio Sacco - who lived and worked for years in Calliano, where he runs with his wife Raffaella the pizzeria La Rocca di Castelpietra - and 'took home yet another title.
Yes, because Antonio cups and diplomas has several: the Competition Cup Italy Pizza of Quality' 2009 'came first in the category "taste" and second for "Margarita doc". The following year he finished first in the category "calzone doc" and a few months ago had also won the title of "Pizza Chef of the Year" in the category classic pizza at Lariano.
The races are important, though, there spega, "making the races involves effort and cost: travel, hotels and at the end you will win only the title. Last year I won twenty liters of oil, better than nothing, but there are no cash prizes. "
Antonio, however, 'and' satisfied 'cause he sees so' rewarded his constant search for quality 'and the Italian tradition that the world envies us.
Next to the oven ("only a wood, and 'another world, I recommend it") makes us see his creations: the real Neapolitan calzone, for starters: "be compromised above, to vent the air, not must be a bubble. 'Cause the calzone and' inspired by the Vesuvius, so it must have the crater, and a wide edge, like a sea beach
And for those who do not eat the edges? "I thought - explains the pizza maker from Calliano - and I created the pizza"eat all" with which I won the title fi Pizzaiolo year: it has a wide brim and turned, with the filling, do not throw anything away." It turns out the pizza that made him triumph: truffle oil, anduja Calabrian Spiliga by Slow Food presidium, the gorgonzola cheese dairy and beef smoked Cavalese Dop Alto Adige, a symphony: "I like to explore the local flavors - says Antonio - and seize the best.
When one eats a pizza, must ask what you're eating, the quality 'products and' important."

Needless to ask him the secret of his pasta, which is very light and almost melts in your mouth: "The dough is simple: flour, yeast, water, salt and olive oil. Someone puts his beer or milk, but it is not 'correct. secret, and if you want to 'the rising: I make it rise 60-70 hours, and' what makes the dough light and easily digestible."
In Trentino, explains Sacco, is very thin dough and biscuit. "I, however, even if they are from Calabria, I'm the real Neapolitan pizza, more 'high. The real pizza and' that, there 'nothing to do."
That Antonio is really in love with the pizza, it soon becomes clear: he speaks of each pizza as if it were a creature. The wife Raffaella, aloof, tells the backstory: Some ingredients, such as chili, coming from his country. Scigliano in the province of Cosenza, cultivated by Antonio's dad. So 'such as olive oil, fragrant and genuine "made ​​with olives family." A Warranty.

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